Re: [Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats

>> Certainly the utility of an image manipulation program seems impaired if
>> it can't open/edit/save an image without jumping through hoops.
> I think we agree that the functionality is there, it has just shifted
> around in a manner that you dislike.

Yes, a manner that is non configurable, and takes away the keypresses
people have been using for nearly two decades for no benefit to them.
 They don't realize it until repeatedly hitting a "I could save that
file with this dialog, but I won't do that anymore." modal dialog
that's akin to plastering a big 'PUSH' sign above a handle designed
for pulling.

Yes the change was long planned.  And I have only so much right to
complain--- I'm a coder, I can rip this 'feature' out of my own copy
(and post .debs/.prms for others) anytime I want.  Hooray for source

So please, take this as a well intentioned comment that simply tries
to make the discontent clear.  I very much dislike the change and many
months on I still hit that 'HA HA! NO!' dialog regularly.  The
rationale behind the change has the best of intentions, but in the
real world, it's merely dripping dogma onto my workflow.

Perhaps GNUClippy should pop up to say "I see you're stuck in your old

Anyway, no sense going around in circles, I've said my piece.  Any
further commentary will come through github (yeah... not actually


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