Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: suggestion for new versions of GIMP

On 11/30/11 14:56, Srihari Sriraman wrote:

    - Would it accept any syntax/expressions? (e.g.: "select inverse,
    gaussian blur 30px", allowing me to avoid ever increasing GUI
    creativity of plugin developers) ;)

    * No... IMHO, it would be just a plugin/tool selector, so the result
      would just be running a plugin or selecting a tool. (So in this
      view, it is not a *command *bar, just a *selector *bar)
    * Like 'thingy', this too would have to be context aware... like
      suggest layer tools/plugins only when a layer is selected. But
      again, maybe the context can be deducted from the existing
      plugin/tool information.
    * The suggestion dropdown, could include a subtitle, with the
      description of the tool or plugin, with the searched text highlighted.

The scope of this would be very well within GIMP :)
/I just would love to reduce the pain to go through all the menus
searching through everything for what i want./

I feel your pain !  ;)

however, extending the concept to offer a command execution seems both a logical extension of the idea and damn useful thing.

GUI is fine for finding your way around but it quickly becomes labourious once you know what you want to do. Setting up some short-cuts can help.

For those who can not type without searching for every key on the key board and checking on the screen whether they got it right, it's wonderful.

As someone who can type , the idea of hitting one key to bring up such a tool and typing : exec gaussian blur 30px " , "resize 50 pc" or whatever is very appealing.

I often use gimp gui to find out what settings I need then repeat on a small group of similar images. It's not enough of a batch job to work out imagemagick settings and run as batch process, but some short hand way to do it in gimp would be great.


The standard set of plugins in good to let new users see what is possible and to give ideas. After you have found the 5% that are likely to be useful, it becomes very cumbersome and requires far too much interaction.

while some clever UI design tricks may ease the pain, I don't think it will be able to do more without shackling the user.

Since menus are xml based providing some editing facility should be quick and efficient to implement. Allowing total restructuring of the main menus would probalby be a step too far but earlier mention idea of restructuring the plug-ins in a similar way to browser bookmarks seems to be a good one.

And no, this would not make Gimp unusable on someone else's system it would just make it as unusable as gimp currently is out of the box.



*Regards, *
*Srihari Sriraman *

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