Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: suggestion for new versions of GIMP

2011/11/29 Aleksandar Kovač wrote:

> The same factors that contribute to acceptance of some code, will contribute
> to the acceptance of your ideas. If your ideas are articulated, presented
> and clear enough, and just work for other people, (i.e. clearly indicate the
> 'excellence' of your approach) they will be created/implemented/improved
> somehow somewhere by someone. That's how open source works ;). Maybe I am
> painting an idealized picture, here?

You aren't :) Peter started the brainstorm blog exactly with intention
to get input from users and see a bigger picture. One of the points in
that blog is that if you can't present your idea in a clear concise
way, maybe you didn't really think much about it.

On top of that I can only add that the existing set of plug-ins and
scripts deserves a long overdue refresh. I think we could smarten up
the default package.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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