Re: [Gimp-developer] suggestion for new versions of GIMP

These experts are laughing at GIMP?

Luckily enought they didn't mention something about the name. They
would be LTAO and that would be really, really bad.

Now seriously: If you have real needs in your everyday work that can't
be addressed with GIMP, its plugins/scripts and other apps used in
conjunction with GIMP, you're welcome to suggest features or
enhancements to current tools.
But please, first make sure those features (or equivalent ones) aren't
available in GIMP and don't use other applications as a reference.
Focus on the need, a workflow and the desired result.
Some plugins in other applications are usually a combination of basic
filters and tasks that are available in any decent image manipulation
software. If you understand how it works, you can reproduce it, and if
you can reproduce it you can create a script or at least tell someone
who can create a script how it should work.
Free software is about that, and certainly not about copying
commercial applications and filters.
If you need photoshop tools, photoshop filters and you can't use
anything but photoshop workflows, maybe you're better with photoshop.
You have to pay for it and you don't have the chance to suggest
features or report bugs like here, but that's how it works and you
have to live with that. It's up to you ;-)

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