Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: suggestion for new versions of GIMP

Another example would be Rhinocerus 3d:
The interesting parts starts at 0:20, until toolbars are discussed, then from 4:10 on.
I would say 4.:20... this is more or less what I was suggesting, but perhaps a little more, perhaps a little less.
(I can not connect why would typing 'logo' result in 3DOutline?
'Logo' is a part of the description of the 3DOutline plugin.
I might not know there is a plugin called 3DOutline, but this command bar would suggest it to me.

How would another gnome-do or launchy-like utility sit in user's understanding of the overall computer environment? 
  • It would be just a command-line just as in Rhino
  Should this utility be a part of 'standard issue' GIMP or be something separate, a matter of user's preference?
  • This command line could be a plugin in itself, standard issue/user preference would be a wider debate :)
- Will it ask for some 'compliance' from GIMP and plugin developers? 
  • No, because the plugin will just use the name and description of all currently installed plugins and tools
- Would it accept any syntax/expressions? (e.g.: "select inverse, gaussian blur 30px", allowing me to avoid ever increasing GUI creativity of plugin developers) ;)
  • No... IMHO, it would be just a plugin/tool selector, so the result would just be running a plugin or selecting a tool. (So in this view, it is not a command bar, just a selector bar)
  • Like 'thingy', this too would have to be context aware... like suggest layer tools/plugins only when a layer is selected. But again, maybe the context can be deducted from the existing plugin/tool information.
  • The suggestion dropdown, could include a subtitle, with the description of the tool or plugin, with the searched text highlighted.
The scope of this would be very well within GIMP :)

I just would love to reduce the pain to go through all the menus searching through everything for what i want.

Srihari Sriraman                                                                             

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