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Hey Manish,

On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 7:58 PM, Manish Jain <bourne identity hotmail com> wrote:
Most of the times when I need to rummage, the contents are like :

4 more :

<List of 4 website names>

Hmm, so if that was me, I'd be inclined to find this by searching for mail from your manager: Click the Search button or Ctrl+S, then start typing "from:manager example com". This would give you a list of conversations with messages from them, with most recent ones at the top, but you'd still have to rummage through the individual conversations.

Some enhancements that could help here might include:

- Next/prev buttons for search, so you can just hit Next or Ctrl+N to be taken directly to the next message from your manager (Bug 713104) - Collapse non-matching emails in conversations, so you don't have to look through messages that they didn't send (Bug 713051) - Autocomplete past search queries so you don't have to keep on typing out the full search (Bug 714493) - Autocomplete addresses from contacts for to/from/cc/bcc search operators (no bug for this yet?)

I feel like the the first two would greatly reduce the amount of rummaging required, and the last two would make re-doing a common search pretty much trivial.

What's your thoughts?

I read somewhere Geary in written in Vala. All my life I only know about C/C++ applications. Is Vala a new programming language ?

Vala is new-ish, written for doing high level object-oriented programming that compiles to native machine code. When compiling, it gets translated into to C+GObject (i.e. GLib) using `valac`, and then from there to native machine code using a stock C compiler. Hence its great for programming GTK+ applications. Despite being modelled on C#, it's actually pretty nifty! ;)


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