Re: [Geary] How to disable threading ?

Hey Manish,

As others have pointed out, Geary's use of conversations actually makes it possible to present a highly streamlined, yet highly useful user interface, and is also somewhat core to how Geary is built. So there would have to be a pretty good argument to add support for disabling them. :)

In any case, I am very interested to hear why conversations (which are basically flat threads) don't work well for people. Once we know why it doesn't work well, we can go about fixing it so that it does.

On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 6:14 PM, Manish Jain <bourne identity hotmail com> wrote:
But that practically never happens. In a thread of 10 messages, if the important message is somewhere in the middle, that important message is hidden in the 'collapse' and the user has to rummage. Most of the times, my experience is it is not possible to know in advance that a message is important - till you actually need to rummage in the 'collapse'. At that stage, you actually become unsure whether the message is there at all - it might have been accidentally deleted, or some such reason.

This useful to know, thanks. So when you go rummaging, what are you looking for? A specific sender or recipient? Specific text in the subject or body? Something else?

As Marvin pointed out, Search and Find work pretty well in Geary and are key in using it effectively. Search lets you very easily find messages anywhere in a specific account, but currently only works on mail that has been downloaded at the moment (Bug 714742[0]). Have a look at the Geary's help docs for some hints about special search operators that are supported, like "" or "is:starred". Find is useful for quickly searching through messages in the current conversation. Both could use some more work however, and there's a number of enhancements requested already[1].

So, does Search/Find help reduce the amount of rummaging you have to do?


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