[Geary] How to disable threading ?


I am using Geary on FreeBSD 10.2 amd64. Geary was installed a couple of weeks back via pkg.

While the Geary interface is sensational in its appearance, there is a fairly serious problem I am facing - I can't easily locate individual messages because of the threading that Geary employs.

For me, the threading problem is so significant that I a few years back I moved from gmail to Hotmail, simply because gmail uses threading. I can't understand how people manage to work with threading - it is a real pain.

Now I use Hotmail, which works very nicely in the browser. But Geary then uses threading to group the Hotmail messages, and it is like the same story starting all over again.

Is there any way I can disable threading of my messages in Geary ?

Thanks for any help.
Manish Jain

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