[gDesklets] ::HEUREKA:: gDesklets works with gtk2.12 now!

Hey folks,

I accidently solved the problem when running gdesklets on a gtk2.12/GNOME
2.20 desktop. It was quite easy to fix. I just removed the eggcode. Since we
want to depend on gtk2.10 anyway it's ok to use GtkStatusIcon. I'll upload
my changes to bzr.
There's just one problem which has to be resolved. The trayicon is there but
is insensitive, or to be more precisely, it doesn't react on any user
interaction. This must have something to do with main/TrayIcon.py
Maybe someone has any idea about how to fix it. Our old hack doesn't seem to
work anymore.

Anyways...good news, right? :-)


Christian Meyer
GNOME:    http://www.gnome.org
gDesklets: http://www.gdesklets.org
AIM: chrisime
ICQ: 72107443
Jabber: christian meyer gmail com
MSN: chrisime77 msn de
Skype: chrisime77
Yahoo: chrisime77 yahoo de

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