Re: Yelp, Totem [Was: Re: Possible panel properties bug, nautilus, PATH, and MANPATH]

Yup that worked for me thanks :)

On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 09:18 +0000, Darren Adams wrote:

> > 
> > Music wise (mp3, ogg) it works, playing movies work, but the colors all
> > are all completely wrong...
> Hmm, kind of green, is it? It was for me to until...
> Edit > Preferences > Display
> Change the the value of the Hue slider (all the way to the right works
> for me).
> As for Totem issues, perhaps you could try your distro's version of
> xine-lib. Modify fifth-toe/totem/Makefile and comment out the
> fifth-toe/xine-lib part of the LIBDEPS line. Recompile totem (make
> clean; make install) and see if that's any better.
>  - darren
Ron Smits <ron ronsmits com>

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