Re: Possible panel properties bug, nautilus, PATH, and MANPATH

3) When I open a terminal window, garnome/bin is not in my path because I set PATH in my .bashrc. I know I have to add garnome/bin but what is the "BEST" method? PATH=$(PATH):(my-other-paths) and it will inherit from the garnome session script, or is it better to just hardcode: PATH=/home/pdm/garnome/bin:(my-other-paths). I'm a little scared to do the latter for some reason...

I have added it to my session startup

Yes, it's in my session startup, but when I open a terminal my current
.bashrc overwrites PATH so it loses garnome/bin. I tried PATH=$PATH:(my-other-paths) which works, but gives me:
pdm> echo $PATH
/home/pdm/garnome/bin:(my-other-paths):(my-other-paths), since a PATH
already exists, and it seems rather inelegant to search (my-other-paths) twice, so I just ended up hardcoding the garnome/bin at the front of my PATH in .bashrc. Of course, now, when my garnome session script is run, I end up with PATH= $GARNOME/bin:$GARNOME/bin:(my-other-paths), but maybe I've reached my A.R. limit. Also, it's kinda scary to hardcode
garnome/bin in my .bashrc BEFORE I've actually got garnome working...

I'm kinda a less-than-intermediate linux user and was just looking for the "approved" or most elegant way of doing all this.

Shouldn't adding garnome/bin to PATH in one's .bashrc be mentioned
in the garnome FAQ?

4) I'd like to include garnome/man in my MANPATH, but am not quite sure how to go about it. Normally, I don't set MANPATH, so man just looks at /etc/man.config, I think. If I just set MANPATH to the garnome/man will man still consult /etc/man.config? I'll give it a try, but I'd like to know the "approved" method.


Works fine, thanks; I was just worried that, since MANPATH is not set prior to my .basrhc being sourced, my MANPATH would ONLY be garnome/man,
which it now is, but man seems to still look in /etc/man.config apparently.

Paul Miller
(location one verizon net)

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