Using prerendered cards [was: Re: Aisleriot/Blackjack cards]


> Hello again. Your reference to Ornamental prompted this reaction, although
> I have other thoughts as well. I thought Ornamental looked very Chinese.
> Maybe it's the predominance of red. Anyway, I didn't have a good reaction.
> I like the Dondorf, but of course have no idea of the performance issues you
> mentioned. To me, it was the best-looking of all the styles that were shown.
> I'm currently using the set you sent me, under Ubuntu 7.10, but they still have
> rendering issues that I think should be addressed. When I launch FreeCell
> (full screen) on my P3/500, the green background comes up, but then I have
> to wait almost a full TWO MINUTES before the cards appear. If it's going to
> take that long, some kind of "patience" message should be provided to users.
> Either that or throw up some place-holder rectangles so the user doesn't
> think the program has frozen up, or at least some kind of progress icon.

Which card theme is that, Dondorf? It should render very fast, even on a
slow computer... can you make sure that the dondorf.svg file is from the
latest gnome-games-extra-data version, and not from some old version?

> Once the cards have been rendered in a size, why can't they be stored on
> my disk? Full-screen will always be the same, unless I replace my monitor.

They can. You can generate a prerendered card set with an utility that
gnome-games provides (/usr/lib/gnome-games/gnome-games-render-cards in
ubuntu). E.g. like this:

$ sudo /usr/lib/gnome-games/gnome-games-render-cards --theme dondorf
--output-directory /usr/share/gnome-games-common/card-themes 30 40 50 60
80 100 120

(all on one line; the numbers are the widths of the cards to generate;
you can generate as many sizes as you want).

Then you can run aisleriot from the console:
$ sol
and it'll use the prerendered theme(s) instead of the scalable ones. 

You can also experiment if setting
     makes any difference in the rendering speed for your computer?

And there's 
to speed up the drawing when dragging cards around, at the expense of
smooth antialiasing on the card edges.


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