Re: Aisleriot/Blackjack cards

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008, Aike Reyer wrote:
Thomas H.P. Andersen schrieb:
Currently ang-low scores high with best performance and tango palette.
However the thin outline looks bad when stacked horizontally IMO. And
I also still prefer the card back from gnomangelo. A card set with
those features would be a good bid on what I'd like to see.
btw Aike - there is something strange with the foot of the clubs.
Left/right side is not identical. Is that supposed to be so?

I now changed gnomangelo_bitmap to use the tango palette and made the
clubs symmetrical.
As always comments are welcome.
Because bugzilla is currently down and UI freeze is coming, I attached the
file. Maybe there is a chance to put this deck in the next release.

This update looks very nice. There are no performance issues, and it
looks much better than the current cards. I say let's put it in before
the freeze.

 + 1 from me...       :-)

 - Andreas

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