Re: Aisleriot/Blackjack cards

UI freeze is tomorrow so if we want to change the cards we should take
the decision soon.

Except for the inevitable bike-shedding we have two objective measures:
- performance
- desktop integration (tango palette)

We have the poll but it was never hyped and does not include the new
cards. The current leader is also the only cardset that I would object
to - Ornamental. The numbers/letters are too big to be shown
completely on the cards that lay behind others. That's a show stopper
for me. The poll also only shows card stacked vertically. A game like
pileon shows the cards stacked horizontally and that view should be
taken into consideration too.

Currently ang-low scores high with best performance and tango palette.
However the thin outline looks bad when stacked horizontally IMO. And
I also still prefer the card back from gnomangelo. A card set with
those features would be a good bid on what I'd like to see.
btw Aike - there is something strange with the foot of the clubs.
Left/right side is not identical. Is that supposed to be so?

Like Jason I like the general looks of Dondorf too but I fear about
the performance and the desktop integration is too far off imo.

Unless we reach a reasonable consensus I think we should pond this to 2.23.

- Thomas

On Jan 16, 2008 12:44 AM, Aike Reyer <aike users sourceforge net> wrote:
> Hello,
> Thomas H.P. Andersen schrieb:
> > If we want to keep bonded I think we should try to convince an artist
> > to look at improving the faces. They don't look too good IMO and they
> > are the main reason I prefer anglo over bonded. (Ultimately I would
> > still prefer something along the lines of seans work to replace the
> > current cards at some point in the future)
> One reason why bonded is so much faster, is that the faces are bitmaps.
> So I thought I give it a try and substituted the faces in anglo.svg with
> bitmaps.
> Although I use a higher resolution than bonded (213px vs 91px), it renders
> about 1.3 times faster than bonded (using Freecell with
> And though it does not scale as nicely as pure anglo, the lower quality is
> almost unnoticeable on screen (or at least to my eyes). The file size is
> about the same as anglo.svg.
> I hope, that it is still ok to send attachments to this list and attach
> the file.
> Notice that I use colors from the tango palette in the attached version.
> Might be an idea to change this in anglo/gnomangelo. Though the "black"
> looks a bit pale. What do you think?
> I can easily create different versions.
> If you are interested I can do the same with the faces in gnomangelo.
> Aike
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