Re: patch for bug 83532 (partial) [amended reply]


Just looked at your stack trace, and it looks like you've got problems
outside of gnome-games. While we check for at least gtk+-2.5 and
librsvg-2.9, earlier versions of them may not have all of the features
necessary to run gnome-games properly.

Your stack trace indicates that the images are being rendered as raster
images then pixbuf scaled, rather than initially drawn as an SVG at the
requested size... The problem comes in with the amount of time it takes to
properly resize an image to a very small fraction of the original size
(Bug #80925). I don't think there's any way this should happen on an
up-to-date GNOME 2.10 system with SVG themes. Install the most recent
versions of gtk+ and librsvg, and I think you should be fine. Or just
don't use the smalles window size on your system ;) ... If you need more
information or help, e-mail me. (Meanwhile, I'll put together a minimum
size workaround for the raster preview images.)

-Richard Hoelscher

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