Re: patch for bug 83532 (partial)

On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 01:35 +0000, Marco Colombo wrote:
> yo!!!
> I have a working patch for glines that allows to choose between three field 
> sizes. I'm posting it here to receive some feedback, as I'm not very 
> experienced with gtk+. so, have a look and tell me where I can improve on it. 
> I'll attach the next one to the bug.
> a few notes:
> - this patch has been obtained with -uwi to make it as small as possible, as
>    there are lots of tedious changes of case for those #define'd constants
>    (HFIELDSIZE, VFIELDSIZE, NCOLORS) that are now variables. so, sorry, I don't
>    think this patch will apply as it is.
> - I still have made no change to the score system (taking into account the
>    different sizes)
> - I have borrowed lots of ideas (and code as well) from callum's rewrite of
>    same-gnome. :)
> thanks in advance!
> ciao, marco

After a quick glance at the patch, it seems just fine. Some random

 - How about beign able to change the number of balls inserted each 
   time (bug 83532 asked for this too didn't it ?). This should just
   be an extra field in field_sizes and a little bit of fiddling with
   the preview box.
 - What is optimal in terms of size, aspect ratio and number of balls 
   will need to be examined. The bigger sizes should have more balls
   to balance out the bigger size. Of course none of the current themes
   have more than seven balls, but that can be fixed. (I should note    
   that the sizes in Same GNOME were picked almost at random and weren't
   thoroughly tested before 2.10 to see if they were the best.)
 - This game is an unusual case where bigger = easier. While I would 
   like to make the labels the same as in gnomine and same-gnome we
   may want to think of other names to reflect the relative difficulty.
   Alternatively we adjust parameters to make them appropriate.
 - A few colours in a really small space could make for a nasty wee 
   game (this is in contradiction to my previous comment).
 - Scoring is straight-forward to implement (i.e. it is a cut-and-paste 
   job from gnomine or same-gnome).
 - Borrowing code from Same GNOME is not always wise ;).

 - Callum

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