Re: patch for bug 83532 (partial)

Marco Colombo said:
> I'm not using PNG themes, I can see this with both SVG themes (balls and
> shapes). I wouldn't like to pollute bug 83532 with this, maybe should I
> post it to 133772? or create a new bug?

If you were seeing this in SVGs prior to applying your patch, and this is
a system where gnome-games-2.10 compiles without altering the build
system, then make a new bug. (...because bug 133772 revolved around a gdk
pixbuf scaling issue that isn't a problem with SVG files.)

If you only see this problem with your patch, and it's not an issue
without it, then send the backtrace during the hang to Bug 83532... Your
patch looked good enough that the rest of the issues should be trivial and
the bug itself shouldn't have to stay alive much longer. I wouldn't worry
about getting it dirty.

-Richard Hoelscher

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