Re: patch for bug 83532 (partial)


Be sure to go to bugzilla with this one, as most bugs that get posted to
the list leave archive readers wondering if it ever got resolved.

See if it only happens with PNG themes and not SVG themes. If so, then you
 are seeing Bug #133772 and it can be reopened... If you file a new bug,
details about CPU speed and how you compiled dependencies may matter.

-Richard Hoelscher

Marco Colombo said:
> yo!!!
> I'm seeing a weird problem with the current patch (both in my version and
> the one updated by richard). if you resize the window to its minimum
> horizontal size, the game hangs for a few seconds before the redrawing
> happens. also resizing back to a larger size is extremely slow. that
> never occurs to me on vertical resizing. I've tried to fiddle with the
> MIN_WIDTH value. currently is 190 (while MIN_HEIGHT is 240). if I set it
> to 240 it works ok. it's actually ok for all values from 233 on, but as
> soon as I put 232 or less, the above behaviour appears.
> it would be good if someone could have a look at this, there may be just
> something weird with my setup.
> I probably won't have time to look at this before tuesday, but I wonder
> what I may have touched...
> ciao, marco

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