Re: patch for bug 83532 (partial)

I'm seeing a weird problem with the current patch (both in my version and the one updated by richard). if you resize the window to its minimum horizontal size, the game hangs for a few seconds before the redrawing happens. also resizing back to a larger size is extremely slow. that never occurs to me on vertical resizing. I've tried to fiddle with the MIN_WIDTH value. currently is 190 (while MIN_HEIGHT is 240). if I set it to 240 it works ok. it's actually ok for all values from 233 on, but as soon as I put 232 or less, the above behaviour appears. it would be good if someone could have a look at this, there may be just something weird with my setup. I probably won't have time to look at this before tuesday, but I wonder what I may have touched...
ciao, marco

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