Re: Feedback request: spending Foundation money

Hi Richard,

Unlike Alexandre, I'm firmly wearing my board hat for this email. :)

Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> wrote:
When we were arranging the gnome-software hackfest last year we had
huge problems trying to get sponsorship for a non-GNOME foundation
member. In the end Canonical paid for the travel and hotel (thanks!)
for this person but it was slightly embarrassing how long things took
to sort. For things like hackfests it would also be nice to have a
"team dinner" or some kind of team-building thing as part of the
sponsorship, not just some super cheap hotel and economy flights.

I want to make sure that we've fully understood your suggestion. I can see three potential items in your mail:

 1. Make it easier for non-Foundation members to get travel sponsorship. It would be useful to know if there are particular groups that this might apply to. Examples might include contributors who aren't members, potential contributors or experts who are being brought in to consult/advise.
 2. Funds for "extras" at GNOME events, such as dinners. I'm guessing that other things could be included, like drinks and snacks, or merchandise? Also, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "team-building" - can you elaborate?
 3. Higher standard hotels and flights. I'm maybe reading too much into your mail here, but "super cheap hotel" makes it sound like you'd maybe like to be able to stay somewhere a little nicer? I wonder if it might be possible to have some specifics here too, like if there are any travel requirements that you find particularly difficult to accept.


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