Re: Feedback request: spending Foundation money

On 18 September 2017 at 18:10, Neil McGovern <neil gnome org> wrote:
So, if you have any comments, or thoughts on how this can be improved,
please reply, or drop me a mail - we plan on discussing this in detail
at the Foundation Hackfest[0] at the start of next month!

When we were arranging the gnome-software hackfest last year we had
huge problems trying to get sponsorship for a non-GNOME foundation
member. In the end Canonical paid for the travel and hotel (thanks!)
for this person but it was slightly embarrassing how long things took
to sort. For things like hackfests it would also be nice to have a
"team dinner" or some kind of team-building thing as part of the
sponsorship, not just some super cheap hotel and economy flights.


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