Re: Can we improve things?

Vincent Untz a écrit :
 + a few people are trying to fix the current process by writing the
   software needed (for NewAccounts, but I imagine it could be extended
   for things like planet). Maybe help is needed to get things ready
   (and maybe not), but nobody proposed to help :/

Ah, if you're talking about writing software, you're hitting the soft spot : quite a few of us have knowledge about doing exactly that. Perhaps an explanation about what is needed and what has already been done could help there.

 + this should go live soon, as Olav explained (that's why we needed to
   enforce the new MAINTAINERS format), so maybe we can wait for it to
   go live and see how it goes before throwing everything.

Could you explain more about the link with the new MAINTAINERS format? This looks typically like a "I didn't even know about it -- so I couldn't either help or be more comprehensive" case...

 + this discussion is helpful in some ways, but I'm not sure we're
   getting the most out of it. Eg, I've read here and there that there
   are no clear guidelines for inclusion on planet or for hackergotchis.
   There were some replies about the current guidelines and suggested
   guidelines, and I don't think anybody took them and put them down
   somewhere. Maybe this would be a good way to start solving this
   specific issue.

For the planet, the problem is that as there is a single point of failure, namely that it bears on a single person's shoulders and :
- being sick can happen ;
- being on the move can happen ;
- having no time for that can happen!

and this is without mentioning that having no clear guideline about who gets included or not leads to nasty suspicions of nepotism...

 + we only have a few really active infrastructure people, and they're
   trying to fix issues. They can't fix everything at once. We're a very
   big project, and I'm not surprised to see such issues because we need
   more help with our infrastructure. It's easy to propose to help, but
   what we need is people who can help and stay, because we'll have
   issues again in the future. That being said, I'm not in the
   infrastructure team and I can't say where help is needed.

Agreed. There are other very big projects out there (debian, gentoo and kde to name a few), perhaps there's something to learn from their mistakes or achievements.


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