Re: Can we improve things?

Le mercredi 12 septembre 2007, à 14:27 +0200, Julien PUYDT a écrit :
> Vincent Untz a écrit :
> >  + a few people are trying to fix the current process by writing the
> >    software needed (for NewAccounts, but I imagine it could be extended
> >    for things like planet). Maybe help is needed to get things ready
> >    (and maybe not), but nobody proposed to help :/
> Ah, if you're talking about writing software, you're hitting the soft 
> spot : quite a few of us have knowledge about doing exactly that. 
> Perhaps an explanation about what is needed and what has already been 
> done could help there.

I can't tell what is needed since I'm not involved :-) I've just watched
the progress every now and then, since the recent progress were done as
part of the last SoC. So if help is needed, I hope it will be requested.
But again, maybe no help is needed for this specific issue?

Last time I heard about it, help was still needed for the bugzilla3
migration ;-)

> >  + this should go live soon, as Olav explained (that's why we needed to
> >    enforce the new MAINTAINERS format), so maybe we can wait for it to
> >    go live and see how it goes before throwing everything.
> Could you explain more about the link with the new MAINTAINERS format? 
> This looks typically like a "I didn't even know about it -- so I 
> couldn't either help or be more comprehensive" case...

The new system works this way:

 + someone requests an account
 + if it's a svn account, it's for at least one specific module. The
   maintainers of this module are automatically mailed so they approve
   this request. (that's why the new MAINTAINERS format was needed)
 + if maintainers approved a request, a sysadmin validates this and the
   account is created.

I thought this was explained on devel-announce-list, but maybe it was
only on desktop-devel-list. Or just IRC :-)


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