Re: Who would be a good member? [Was: About the coming election]

Richard Stallman wrote:
I think that one requisite of a good board member is a visible
commitment to the goal of a world in which software is free.

I think the Gnome Foundation could make heavier emphasis on free and open data / file formats too, as a marketing tool (and mission statement bullet point, etc). We all take this for granted, but other OS users are used to proprietary and patented data formats. It's especially useful since "vendor lock-in" is a buzzword that corporate suits can relate to.

I'm a little surprised that doesn't directly address data formats, actually.

The ooxml issue might not have blown up so much if we were more vocal on this point.

We should make it explicitly clear that we _aggressively_ support open and interoperable standards, and _grudgingly_ support non-free standards so that you have a reasonable migration path.

My 2 cents...

- Mike

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