Re: Who would be a good member? [Was: About the coming election]

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Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Above all else, I hope you vote for people you know and trust to represent
> what you value about GNOME. To put it in a clunky but simple way, if "GNOME
> is People", vote for the people who "are GNOME".

That was what I guess I was getting at. Unless the circle of trust is
cast wider each year, the set of people one knows and trusts would
perhaps be static. In fact, I'd rather say (a personal opinion and not
that of the Membership Committee) that a few of aspiring GNOME
Foundation candidates (this year and coming year) might like to also get
involved with the Membership Committee - that's a great place to get to
know people and become aware what they are doing and who all are doing
the cool things along side them

There has to be a strong movement towards telling GNOME contributors
that there's no magical halo that entitles them to a place on the
Foundation other than the willingness to put in hours to make it a
better place for all.

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