Re: Changing the name of GUADEC

On Tuesday at 16:53, Žygimantas Beručka wrote:

> If I understand correctly, the "GNOME" itself sucks. Average Joe doesn't
> know what "GNU Network Object Model Environment" is, "KDE" makes more
> sense in this case, since it stands for "K _Desktop Environment_".

GNOME does NOT mean "GNU Network Object Model Environment" anymore.
It used to, now it doesn't.  It's a proper name.  It's "Gnome" (j/k
guys, I do NOT want to get into this as well ;).

> I'm for keeping "GUADEC" as it is, if we are going to change it we
> actually will HAVE to do the same with "GNOME", because it matches the
> same criteria, and is even worse, since GUADEC is easier to explain.

Not really.  GUADEC is not the nicest name there is.  I like both
GConf and GnomeConf/GnomeCon/GnomeGetTogether (what are you saying
there wasn't a "GnomeGetTogether" one?) proposals.  It's just
that my conservative side complains about changing the name. (And I
have another problem with GConf being our, uhm, GConf, but that's
probably my conservative side speaking again).

If we really think name change is going to affect our marketing
visibility, I am all for it!  I realise that this is not something
where we should be conservative.

But then again, I can imagine next announcement beggining with:

"GConf, conference dedicated to advancement of GNOME (the desktop
environment of free software systems), previously known as GUADEC
(Gnome Users And Developers European Conference), is coming to town!"



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