Re: Changing the name of GUADEC

Yesterday at 22:13, David Neary wrote:

> I would like to propose changing the name of GUADEC. There are many
> reasons to do this, here are 5:

Another, actually most important reason:

— 3rd was GUAD3C
— 4th was GU4DEC
— 5th was GVADEC
— 6th was 6UADEC

And what would 7th be?

I suggest something with at least "T" and "B" in the name, so we can
have "T" replaced with "7" and "B" replaced with "8" (think of the
future!).  Maybe even a small "g" to be ready for the 9th occurence
as well, and IO for the 10th installement.

So, the name should be:

 gBIOT: Gnome Badass International Olympic Team
 gBIOT: Gnome Broad Input/Output Topics (Input-Output is another
        phrase for "Conference", or so I define it to be :)

(and gBIO7, g8IOT, 9BIOT and gB10T accordingly)

Now really, I don't mind GConf (it's nice and sleek, modern and
short), but I think GUADEC is nice and fun name that beats it out
any day (when you pronounce it, it sounds like duck-speak "gwadeck" :),
simply because GConf is gconfd+~/.gconf/ in my mind.

If we were KDE, I'd vote for replacing aKademy with "Konference"—so,
it should be Gnomference for us ;-)


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