Changing the name of GUADEC

I would like to propose changing the name of GUADEC. There are many reasons to do this, here are 5:

1. There is no link to GNOME in the name, or to being a conference
2. No-one knows what it means, which means the first question people ask isn't "when is it?" or "where is it?" or "who's going?" it's "what does it mean?"
3. It sucks.
4. Do we really want to limit it to Europe?
5. We have a great new name.

Davyd Madeley came up with GConf. This can be subtitles "The GNOME Users and Developers Conference" for the nostalgic, or just "the GNOME Conference". It's obvious that it's a conference, and GNOME's right there. The link is pretty obvious.

Some people might say that there are more important issues to deal with for GUADEC, like the content, the target audience, the direction, the site, all that. They're right. But this is one small thing we can make better, and finally correct an increasingly inaccurate pointless acronym.

Let's do it.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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