Re: Reducing the board size

Hello all,

I'd like to express my opinion.

I've been following the messages and it seems clear why the solicitation
to reduce the board it's been talking But I can't understand why this
has to be chosen for the next election.

I see that, as said before, if there was a clear definition of the
actions and contributions expected for the members of the board we would
know for sure that what really turns harder the board course if the
inefficiency is a problem or if is the number of people or the missing
engagement of some.

With the actions clearly defined and a better accompaniment of the works
that are being made in this question won't happen the risk of having in
mind only the last contributions or the actions missed by some members.
Who doesn't make part of the board would know what is happening and who
is guaranteing that things are being done. 
I vote NO because I really believe that if the actions were better
distributed we could have in another election the certain that we won't
be keeping out interested people and it will be more sure if is needed
the reduction or not.

Izabel Valverde
GNOME Brazil

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