Re: Reducing the board size

On Wed, 2005-26-10 at 22:35 +0200, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Tristan Van Berkom">
> > >That is not what the board - or even the foundation - is for! Innovating
> > >the future of GNOME is a *COMMUNITY* responsibility, not an
> > >organisational one.
> > 
> > My fear is that people who've been reluctant to run but have run anyway
> > will cripple the board from making decisions based on the assumption that
> > they ran with a conservative attitude: "I better run for director cause if
> > I dont; radical things will happen".
> It's not about radical things happening, it's about untrustworthy people
> being elected.

Who are these untrustworthy people? I have never been a candidate but am
getting tired of these implications that some of the candidates in the
past have been untrustworthy or that others have succeeded to become
board members simply to occupy seats. It seems to me that every
candidate received a significant number of votes, ie. more than 1 or 2,
so apparently has the trust of somebody.

> > It is also my understanding that the petition for this referendum was
> > originaly proposed by David because its hard for the board to agree on
> > anything, like having this referendum.
> No, it has been hard for the board to come to and execute a decision. 

If you check the archives you should be able to find a message in which
David said that the board was unable to decide on having this
referendum. So why are you saying "No"?


Andreas J. Guelzow

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