Re: Reducing the board size

Hi all; I'll put a word in,

    I've been thoroughly reading these threads on foundation-list
and have to admit that voting on this weighs on me as a heavy
responsability, that being said I will try to do my best.

While for the most part I've had to agree with Anne where she says:
    "Reducing the size of the board without knowing what the
     consequences might be is a risky thing to do"

But now I feel I have to be a little less conservative; the arguments
put forth so far seem to suggest that there are more seats available
than people who are really willing to take on the responsability, and
I can definitly see how this can cripple the boards ability to make

Jeff Waugh:
    "We've had very motivated people, to the point where some of them
     have run to make sure less trustworthy people would not get on
     the board! :-)"

What this says to me is that some people are running reluctantly and
dont really want to deal with the responsabilities of a board member
(judging from the responsability I feel with this measly vote; I
know I couldn't manage being a board member).

I think that we need energetic people who are really up to the task
of innovating the future of GNOME; not conservative people who are
reluctantly stepping in to protect what GNOME has become so far
(which addmitedly; there seems to be a need for in such a large board).

I will wait a few days at least before I cast my vote, if the
deadline were today; I'd be voting YES to reduce the board size.


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