Re: Reducing the board size

<quote who="Tristan Van Berkom">

> >That is not what the board - or even the foundation - is for! Innovating
> >the future of GNOME is a *COMMUNITY* responsibility, not an
> >organisational one.
> My fear is that people who've been reluctant to run but have run anyway
> will cripple the board from making decisions based on the assumption that
> they ran with a conservative attitude: "I better run for director cause if
> I dont; radical things will happen".

It's not about radical things happening, it's about untrustworthy people
being elected.

> I think we need people who a.) we can trust and b.) who have the time and
> energy to consider making radical decisions as much as conservative ones.

Which radical decisions need to be made? Why is that an important factor,
beyond electing people we, as a community, can trust?

> It is also my understanding that the petition for this referendum was
> originaly proposed by David because its hard for the board to agree on
> anything, like having this referendum.

No, it has been hard for the board to come to and execute a decision. I know
from my time on the board that in many cases there was broad agreement about
a particular issue, but actually making it happen was hard (and that's not a
matter of work, it's a matter of finality, responsibility and commitment).

- Jeff

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