Re: Reducing the board size

Jeff Waugh wrote:
I think that we need energetic people who are really up to the task
of innovating the future of GNOME;

That is not what the board - or even the foundation - is for! Innovating the
future of GNOME is a *COMMUNITY* responsibility, not an organisational one.

    My fear is that people who've been reluctant to run but have
run anyway will cripple the board from making decisions based on
the assumption that they ran with a conservative attitude: "I better
run for director cause if I dont; radical things will happen".

This attitude is altogether defendable when we have less interested
people than available seats.

I think we need people who a.) we can trust and b.) who have the
time and energy to consider making radical decisions as much as
conservative ones.

It is also my understanding that the petition for this referendum
was originaly proposed by David because its hard for the board to
agree on anything, like having this referendum.

I would like to know what anyone on the board thinks of my fear,

Are decisions on the board crippled by disinterest in particular ?
(i.e. How are we supposed to have even a majority consensus when
only half the members are interested in making the decision ?)

Knowing how people feel about this above point will definitly
effect my vote.


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