Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Oct 26

Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Oct 26


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Tim Ney
   Jonathan Blandford
   Federico Mena-Quintero
   Murray Cumming
   Miguel de Icaza
   Christian Schaller


   Daniel Veillard
   David Neary


   Luis Villa
   Jody Goldberg

Actions completed:

  ACTION: Federico to take the task to find documentation authors and
get it 
     - Done, documentation author hired

  ACTION: Murray to provide a simpler english explanation of the 
          trademark agreement meaning
     - Done, page mostly ok as is
  ACTION: Jonathan to investigate how to set up and encourage hacking
          sessions at the Summit
     - Done, went quite well

  ACTION: Tim to go though the trademark registration check with the
          groups so they submit the licence agreement
      - Done, Bangalore resolving internally who will be responsible, 
              GNOME-FR got needed answers

  ACTION: Owen check with the Election commitee for membership reminders
          and check
      - Done, they are on top of things

  ACTION: Dave to start looking for vendors to host the GNOME online
     - Almost complete

New Action:

  ACTION: Murray to get getting privacy policy online

  ACTION: Board members to add items to FoundationBoard_2fMoneyUses page

  ACTION: Owen will send out mail to full board requesting interest in 
          representing GNOME on LSB Desktop group

 - LSB Desktop
   - Probably not to important group, but we might want to keep tab on

 - Question on foundation-list about community service
   - Waiting on David for update

 - Status of OSF agreement about GNOME store
    - Waiting on David for update

 - Status of Shaun's work - is it underway?
    - Yes, will ask for report from Shaun on progress

 * next meeting Wed 9 November

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