Re: Reducing the board size

    > Who are these untrustworthy people? I have never been a candidate but am
    > getting tired of these implications that some of the candidates in the
    > past have been untrustworthy or that others have succeeded to become board
    > members simply to occupy seats. It seems to me that every candidate
    > received a significant number of votes, ie. more than 1 or 2, so
    > apparently has the trust of somebody.

    Sorry to point out a harsh reality, but there have been numerous times when
    this has happened.

To call this a "reality" is somewhat of an exaggeration, because
whether any person is "trustworthy" is a matter of opinion.

It may have happened that person X ran for the board because person X
considered candidate Y untrustworthy.  However, it appears not
everyone shared X's opinion.  Those who voted for Y probably consider
Y trustworthy; others may have considered Y trustworthy but preferred
other candidates.

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