Re: Reducing the board size

<quote who="Elijah Newren">

> I've heard lots of unconvincing arguments as well--on both sides.  But,
> what is very convincing to me is the fact that it strongly appears that we
> don't have 11 motivated people running for the board.

Motivated to do what? To "get things done"? That should not be the function
of the board. If you mean "motivated to represent the GNOME community and
the Foundation membership in the administration of the organisation", as in,
people who we trust to do the right thing... I think that's wrong. We've had
very motivated people, to the point where some of them have run to make sure
less trustworthy people would not get on the board! :-)

- Jeff

UbuntuBelowZero in Montreal!
     "World domination is a community responsibility." - Michael Hall,

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