Russ Castronovo <> writes:

> > > I just don't want the press to laugh at us if we exagerrate too
> > > much. I am also concerned about derailing our PR plan at this late a
> > > juncture. People have been working on our press strategy for weeks now.
> > 
> > Good point.
> > 
> > Miguel.
> The press won't laugh.  Hackers seem to react badly to hyperbole.  Press
> only laugh when they catch you trying to play them for fools.  Since
> this is a press conference and journalists have very heavy filters for
> exaggeration, there isn't much worry.  However, if we don't say this is
> big, how will journalists know.  

I defer to your greater PR experience. Saying it's big is good. I
would feel more comfortable saying "GNOME is _becoming_ the platform
of choice for blah blah blah..." instead of "GNOME _is_ the platform
of choice for blah blah blah..."

 - Maciej

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