> Yes, that is exactly what we decided we _didn't_ want to say at the
> last steercom conference call, since we have not seen the code yet,
> and cannot be certain it will be released (companies have promised to
> open source stuff and backed out before...).

Which companies of the size of Sun have done this?  Anything within an
order of magnitude you can think of?

> > That is part of Marco's plan.
> BTW we should probably discuss any potential "adopt Mozilla" language
> in steercom.

mind you, we already "adopted" mozilla.  The GNOME Libraries have
specific support for Netscape and Mozilla since a couple of years
ago.  And the very first GNOME presentation talked about the Mozilla
integration plans back then. 

> I just don't want the press to laugh at us if we exagerrate too
> much. I am also concerned about derailing our PR plan at this late a
> juncture. People have been working on our press strategy for weeks now.

Good point.


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