Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> > This sounds like a much stronger statement than what we felt
> > comfortable with making before - I think we should still keep this
> > vague since we have not seen the code, etc etc.
> Yeah, but before the tone was `Open Office and GNOME Office unite'.
> This new version is `GNOME project ADOPTS Open Office and integrates
> with GNOME Office'.

Yes, that is exactly what we decided we _didn't_ want to say at the
last steercom conference call, since we have not seen the code yet,
and cannot be certain it will be released (companies have promised to
open source stuff and backed out before...).
> > Hmmm, I wonder if AOL or could be convinced to join the
> > GNOME Foundation then.
> That is part of Marco's plan.

BTW we should probably discuss any potential "adopt Mozilla" language
in steercom.
> > This sounds like quite an exaggeration at this point, to say we are
> > the "platform of choice" for these things. Hopefully soon it won't be.
> I am convinced :-)

I just don't want the press to laugh at us if we exagerrate too
much. I am also concerned about derailing our PR plan at this late a
juncture. People have been working on our press strategy for weeks now.

 - Maciej

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