Hi Miguel,

I generally like your proposal.

A couple of comments:
1- we need to be careful about who announces what.  Since the
GNOME Foundation doesn't exist, it can't announce anything.  I'm
comfortable with Miguel announcing the launch of the Gnome Foundation on
behalf of the Gnome community.  I still recommend that the OpenOffice
announcement, however it's phrased. come from the Steering Committee.
2- I agree with Maciej's comment that 5 (PDA's etc) is very 'vapory'
3- making an announcement about Mozilla 'on behalf' of the
GNOME community has the potential to be controversial, so if we end up
doing that, I'd like to float the draft press release on foundation-list
ASAP, and I think it'd be good to have some conversation about that on
the steering committee or gnome-hackers, BUT
4- if AOL were to announce that they're joining the Foundation's advisory
board AND they're also announcing that they're going to be dedicating a
number of hackers to integrate Mozilla into Gnome (preferably without
distracting current Mozilla hackers), boy, that would be exciting news.
The foundation's advisory board is open to all comers, but people on
foundation-list have expressed that they want companies to contribute
code and hacker resources, not just their $10,000.  So that would be a
huge win.

So my recommendation would be to work hard with the people at AOL and see
if we can get them to commit some resources to integrating Mozilla into
GNOME.  They've gotten some horrible press today (go read the posts about NS PR2), so this may not be such a bad time
to get them to make a commitment.
(BTW, didn't I read somewhere that AOL is working on a Linux client for
their AOL software - maybe that can be integrated with GNOME as well.)

5- Poor Greg, he's trying to pull together another draft of the press
release in the middle of all this. Miguel, maybe you can submit some
quotes and other language to help Greg turn this into a press release by
tomorrow night (we really need to get this draft press release to the
folks who need to get corporate approvals by Thursday morning).


Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello guys,
>    I just talked to Marco from Sun, and we would like to make the
> Foundation press release a lot more interesting than it is right now.
>    The current focus is to announce a GNOME foundation that will
> hopefully do something in the future, and say how excited we are about
> this and so on.
>    Here is an outline of the proposal and it adds a lot more meet to
> the announcement:
>         1. Main point of the announcement: Key Players join forces to
>            create GNOME Foundation and deliver next generation user
>            environment for PCs, Internet Devices and PDAs.
>         2. GNOME Foundation adopts Open Office as its productivity
>            suite to be integrated together with GNOME Office.
>         3. GNOME Foundation adopts Mozilla/Netscape
>                 Marco will work on getting a spokeperson from AOL for
>                 this.
>         4. The companies involved in this announcement are going to
>            make GNOME better and devote programming resources to make
>            this happen.
>                 How each company involved in the announcement will
>                 help this.
>         5. GNOME technologies are the platform of choice for internet
>            devices, embedded systems "dot com" devices, desktop
>            systems, SOHO etc.
>     Then we follow with commentaries from people, and nice Q&A.
> Miguel.
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