Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> Hello guys,
>    I just talked to Marco from Sun, and we would like to make the
> Foundation press release a lot more interesting than it is right now.
>    The current focus is to announce a GNOME foundation that will
> hopefully do something in the future, and say how excited we are about
> this and so on.  
>    Here is an outline of the proposal and it adds a lot more meet to
> the announcement:
> 	1. Main point of the announcement: Key Players join forces to
>            create GNOME Foundation and deliver next generation user
>            environment for PCs, Internet Devices and PDAs.
> 	2. GNOME Foundation adopts Open Office as its productivity
>            suite to be integrated together with GNOME Office. 

This sounds like a much stronger statement than what we felt
comfortable with making before - I think we should still keep this
vague since we have not seen the code, etc etc.

> 	3. GNOME Foundation adopts Mozilla/Netscape
> 		Marco will work on getting a spokeperson from AOL for
> 		this.

Hmmm, I wonder if AOL or could be convinced to join the
GNOME Foundation then.
> 	4. The companies involved in this announcement are going to
>            make GNOME better and devote programming resources to make
>            this happen.
> 		How each company involved in the announcement will
> 		help this. 
> 	5. GNOME technologies are the platform of choice for internet
>            devices, embedded systems "dot com" devices, desktop
>            systems, SOHO etc.

This sounds like quite an exaggeration at this point, to say we are
the "platform of choice" for these things. Hopefully soon it won't be.

 - Maciej

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