I'd like to get this out Weds. morning (Aug. 9).  I am missing a few titles 
and I have not included HP, based on the earlier email I'd seen requesting 
that they not be included in external communication for the time 
being.  Once again, I have intentionally kept this rather news free.

I will not include your company/spokesperson in the "WHO" listing until I 
get an affirmative OK from the organization representative on this alias, 
so please let us know if the spelling/wording of your spokespersons (or 
your name if you are the spokesperson) is OK.

Thanks, Barb 781-466-8282

August 9, 2000  DRAFT

GNOME Project Press Conference at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

WHAT:	Miguel de Icaza, founder of the GNOME project, and other prominent 
industry executives will discuss plans for the evolution of the GNOME 
project.  Press and analysts in attendance will have the opportunity to 
participate in a question-and-answer session following introductory remarks.

WHEN:	Tuesday, August 15, 2000, noon - 1:30pm

WHERE:	LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Room K, San Jose Convention Center, 
San Jose, Calif.
WHO:		Miguel de Icaza, Founder of the GNOME project and Helix Code, Inc.;
		Brian Behlendorf, CTO and co-founder of Collab.Net;
		Jim Gettys, NEED TITLE, Compaq Computer Corporation;
		Mike Boich, President and CEO of Eazel, Inc.;
		Linas Vepstas, CEO, Gnumatic, Inc.;
		Bertrand Guiheneuf, NEED TITLE, Henzai, Inc.;
		Daniel Frye, Program Director, IBM's Linux Technology Center;
		Bob Young, Chairman of Red Hat, Inc.;
		Marco Boerries, Vice President and General Manager, Sun Microsystems, 
Inc.; and
		Chris DiBona, Director of Marketing, VA Linux Systems.

DETAILS:	The GNOME project has built a complete, free and easy-to-use open 
source platform desktop environment, as well as a powerful application 
framework for software developers.  GNOME runs on Linux and other UNIX and 
UNIX-like operating systems.  For more information, visit www.gnome.org.

To attend, please contact:
Barbara Heffner, bheffner@chenpr.com, (781) 466-8282, or Cecile Roux, 
croux@chenpr.com, (650) 357-8749, both of CHEN PR.

1601 Trapelo Road
Waltham, Mass.  02451
P: 781-466-8282
F: 781-466-8989

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