Hello guys,

   I just talked to Marco from Sun, and we would like to make the
Foundation press release a lot more interesting than it is right now.

   The current focus is to announce a GNOME foundation that will
hopefully do something in the future, and say how excited we are about
this and so on.  

   Here is an outline of the proposal and it adds a lot more meet to
the announcement:

	1. Main point of the announcement: Key Players join forces to
           create GNOME Foundation and deliver next generation user
           environment for PCs, Internet Devices and PDAs.

	2. GNOME Foundation adopts Open Office as its productivity
           suite to be integrated together with GNOME Office. 

	3. GNOME Foundation adopts Mozilla/Netscape
		Marco will work on getting a spokeperson from AOL for

	4. The companies involved in this announcement are going to
           make GNOME better and devote programming resources to make
           this happen.

		How each company involved in the announcement will
		help this. 

	5. GNOME technologies are the platform of choice for internet
           devices, embedded systems "dot com" devices, desktop
           systems, SOHO etc.

    Then we follow with commentaries from people, and nice Q&A.


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