Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> > Yes, that is exactly what we decided we _didn't_ want to say at the
> > last steercom conference call, since we have not seen the code yet,
> > and cannot be certain it will be released (companies have promised to
> > open source stuff and backed out before...).
> Which companies of the size of Sun have done this?  Anything within an
> order of magnitude you can think of?

Size is irrelevent. We can't guarantee anything will be integrated
until the world sees the code and Sun shows how well they can work
with the community. We cannot adopt OpenOffice at this juncture - all
we can do is announce that we plan to work to integrate the two office
suites, as we already decided to say.
> > > That is part of Marco's plan.
> > 
> > BTW we should probably discuss any potential "adopt Mozilla" language
> > in steercom.
> mind you, we already "adopted" mozilla.  The GNOME Libraries have
> specific support for Netscape and Mozilla since a couple of years
> ago.  And the very first GNOME presentation talked about the Mozilla
> integration plans back then. 

Yes, but Mozilla has had a lot of bad PR lately and I think this would
be a contentious point in the community, and potentially bad PR for
us, to make the linkage appear stronger.

 - Maciej

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