Re: [Evolution] help understanding a section of evolution log

On Sun, 2022-04-24 at 11:55 +0200, Dan Kortschak via evolution-list
When I unset "Use a Real Folder for Junk" I end up seeing two copies
of each spam message in the evolution "Junk" folder that ends up
holding the spam.

I believe it's because the message is in its real folder and in the
server-provided search folder "All Mails". You can add a "Location"
column to the message list to see where the message comes from.

So I guess the question is how to signal to the server to delete the
spam without getting it to delete from "All Mail".

Not the server, but the Evolution. It needs to know to treat the "All
Mail" folder specifically. Could you paste a LIST response for the "All
Mail" folder, please? The server can provide folder flags there, which
can be used by the clients.

Anyway, this is addressed by:
which landed shortly before 3.38.0 (long after yours 3.28.5).

[imapx:A] Unmark connection 0x<xxxxxxxxx> (server:0x<xxxxxxxxx>) busy
after failure, error: Error scanning changes: list message build: no
such api id

That's a completely different error. I guess it's not caused by certain
call on the Evolution side, this looks like a server issue. I do not
know for sure, I only guess so.

As the real junk folder makes more trouble, I suggest to let Evolution
use a real Junk folder again. To workaround the problem in your ancient
version, I'd unsubscribe from the "All Mails" folder (use
Folder->Subscriptions to see which folders you are subscribed to),
unless you use it. To have it working, you should have set in the mail
Account properties to "Show only subscribed folders". Such changes
require Evolution restart. Or get a distro with more recent Evolution.

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