[Evolution] help understanding a section of evolution log


I would like some help understanding/confirming my understanding of a
section of an evolution log output.

I'm using an archaic versions, 3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.2, but that should
not be an issue here given I just want to understand something rather
than fix a behaviour.

This log section is the conversation between evolution and an imap
server on localhost (specifically the protonmail bridge server) after a
spam message has hit the server and the ensuing synchronisation.

My understanding is that in the last part of the log the bridge server
is asking evolution to sync a move of new message 24803 from "All Mail"
to "Spam" and that the server is then getting angry at the client
because it is trying to do this move.

Is this a correct interpretation? If not, what is correct?


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