Re: [Evolution] help understanding a section of evolution log

On Fri, 2022-04-22 at 01:04 +0200, Dan Kortschak via evolution-list
Do you have any idea why evolution might be asking for the move?

when the IMAP account has set to use a real Junk folder (see the
account Properties->Defaults tab), then, any message marked as spam is
moved to that folder, regardless where the message is stored (except of
the spam and trash folders). The libcamel (a library Evolution uses for
mail) has no idea about special purpose of the "All Mail" folder.

You can avoid the move when you disable real Junk folder in the account
properties. Then you'll see two Junk/Spam folders, one from the server,
the other one a virtual folder, which collects spam from the other
folders of the account. Such change may or may not need a restart of
the Evolution.

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