Re: [Evolution] Failing to connect to Office365 account with MFA

On Thu, 2021-09-02 at 10:19 +0200, Vincent Hennebert via evolution-list
Yes, that’s the URL I use, everything else left empty as well apart
from the Tenant and Application IDs.

sounds good. It's what I do.

I know nothing about OAuth2 except maybe the name but, is there any
more debug data I can provide from Evolution or DavMail that could
help pinpoint the issue?

Not from the evo side. I cannot speak about DavMail.

Could you try to create a new test user on the machine and create the
EWS  account for that user, please? That will do it from scratch, like
it had been never configured on the machine.

As I said before, exactly the same steps you use work for me fine, on
the same distro, with the same versions.

but I found that I could just ignore it by pressing Escape and
Evolution would proceed downloading my email and calendar event.

Evil is in the details. The window asking for the credentials tells for
what it needs it. At the top, in bold. The other text in the window can
be important too. I'd guess some of the sub-source(s) has got out of
sync with the authentication method, maybe. It's only a wild guess.


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