Re: [Evolution] LDAP

On Wed, 2020-01-29 at 17:02 +0000, Ronald Tidwell @CA wrote:
I have tried all 3 of the options. Anything but No Encryption I get
an error: No TLS Available. with no encryption I do get any error
just get no results.

That's probably the Scope.

Since you can not see the screen shots below is how I have set it up.
Search Base: ou=people,dc=spearsmanufacturing,dc=net (On Thunderbird
this is called Base DN)
Search Scope: One Level (On Thunderbird this check box between One
level (checked) or Subtree

This is likely the problem.  You need to set this to subtree in almost
all cases.

Adam Tauno Williams, awilliam whitemice org
Multi-Modal Activists Against Auto Dependent Development
resisting the unAmerican socialists of the Motorist hegemony 

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