Re: [Evolution] LDAP

On Wed, 2020-01-29 at 18:02 +0100, Ronald Tidwell @CA wrote:
with no encryption I do get any error just get no results.

I guess there's a typo above, is it not? It might read: "...I do _not_
get any error...", right?

To get debugging use:

   $ LDAP_DEBUG=1 /usr/libexec/evolution-addressbook-factory -w

then wait few seconds and then run evolution. When making any changes
in the addressbook settings, restart the evolution-addressbook-factory
process (and evolution). That's to make sure the changes are picked in
the backend properly and that evolution refreshes the view.

When you have opened LDAP book Properties, on the second tab, does the
"Find Possible Search Bases" work? It connects to the server on the
evolution side and asks it for the data.

My LDAP book works better with Subtree, but I believe it's due to the
way I've it setup, not a requirement.

Also, unless you have checked to "Browse until limit is reached", the
addressbook doesn't show any contact when not searching. I'd try to
fill something into the "Search" above the address book content, which
currently probably reads "Name contains" in a lighter gray (the actual
color depends on the current theme).

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